Cookies and Privacy

UK legislation requires us to advise you how this site uses cookies and to give you the option not to allow cookies in order to protect your privacy.  Two cookies are used by the AiTS Virtual Learning site. One is essential to the running of the AiTS VLE and you will not be able to log in unless this cookie is allowed.  The other is provided simply to retain your user name in the login box between sessions.  Third party cookies (from advertisers etc) are not used on this site.  Note that cookies are not used on any of the other AiTS sites (e.g.,

Further information:
The essential cookie is the session cookie, usually called MoodleSession. You must allow this cookie into your browser to provide continuity and maintain your login from page to page. Without this cookie, the AiTS VLE cannot function.  When you log out or close the browser this cookie is destroyed (both in your browser and also on the server).

The other cookie is purely for convenience and is usually called MOODLEID. It just remembers your username within the browser. This means when you return to this site the username field on the login page will be already filled out for you. It is safe to refuse this cookie but you will just have to retype your username every time you log in.

Last modified: Tuesday, 25 September 2012, 8:23 AM