You will require some software to complete certain courses and modules.  We have listed below a few resources where you can acquire suitable software.

A suite of office programs, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package, graphics and database.  Compatible with Microsoft Office and versions available for Windows and Apple Mac operating systems.  Plus it's free!  All students will need some form of Word Processor.  CertHE students onwards will require access to a spread sheet such as Excel or Numbers.

This is required to read the PDF documents available on this and many other web sites.  To create PDF files you will need either the full version of Adobe Acrobat or DoPDF.  The full version of Adobe Acrobat is relatively expensive, however DoPDF is a free add-on that creates a new printer on your computer.  Simply print your document to the DoPDF printer and it creates a PDF version of your document.  Alternatively if you have Office 2013 or later you can use Save As to save your Word, Excel or PowerPoint document as a PDF file. All students will need some form of PDF creator and reader.

A student licence version of AiDamage, RelMo and SolvePro is available direct from AiTS.  Please contact Ric Ward for further information and student pricing. Students studying the UCPD will not need this software.

Microsoft Word now has its own built in equation editor.  However MathType is a more versatile editor which also integrates with Word.  A demo version is available for both Windows and the Mac which turns into a lite version after 30 days.  Or you might want to buy the full version which adds a few more features.  Available from  All students may find this software useful.

This is a fully functional symbolic equation and mathematics package.  The full version is expensive, but there is a student licence available.  The link takes you to the Adept Scientific web site who are responsible for distribution within the UK.  Please contact Ric Ward for further information. Students studying the UCPD or CertHE will not need this software.
If any of the links above don't work, then please let us know and we'll fix them!!

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