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Moving to a new server

Moving to a new server

by Jon Neades -
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The VLE is now used by several hundred students and the existing server is beginning to show signs of this increasing workload and can appear to slow down on occasions. To mitigate this, we are moving the VLE to a new server on Tuesday 25th August 2020 starting at approximately 09:15 BST. The timing is designed to minimise disruption to the site and likely number of students and staff using the site at that time.

Moving the site from an existing server to the new one takes a little time as in addition to transferring the main database there are several thousand files to transfer too and there are a number of items which need reconfiguring to make the VLE work with the new server.  As a consequence the VLE will be taken offline for a short time. Hopefully this will be less than one hour.

To avoid any potential loss of work, please ensure you are not logged onto the VLE at that time. Please note too that you will not be able to log on to the VLE while it is offline.

Once the VLE is back up and running, we will post another message here to let you know.

Thank you